Population explosion at Camlon Farm!

Kidding ended Friday morning around 5 AM with the last Doe having 4 KIDS! The image I posted here is a Doe (female) from Amber the Doe on our About Us page. This little girl is one of 3 kids she had, 2 doe kids and a buck (male). This little girl looks just like mom. We had issues arise with one of the Does (Dreamer) that lasted most of the evening Thursday through early morning Friday. She had a buck and doe kid that we assisted with birth. All Moms and kids are all doing well this morning. The last Doe (Candice) to kid came after we got about an hour of sleep and she had 4 kids! 3 bucks and 1 doe. They are all I never had time to even get my GoPro on my head as things started getting busy and it became more important to help the doe with issues. We have one more Doe DeJaVu that will kid in early May and I am going to do the best I can to post videos. "Life on a farm is kinda laid back ain't nothin an old country boy like me I can't hack", John Denvers famaous song lyrics don't apply to our little goat farm it always seems to be very busy here. Now we sleep!

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