Scottish Terriers Also Live @ Camlon Farm

Diana and I have had Scottish Terriers since we lived in Virginia back in 1993. Our first Scottie was a Black girl named Abbey, and she was wonderful. Her only flaw was that she was afraid of everyone except us. Diana spotted her one night in a pet store of all places and I would never recommend buyong any animal from a pet store nor would Diana, but we did. She was caged in that store for 4 months and we just had to free her. We thought she really liked us when we went into the play area that maybe some of you have been in, but turns out she was very afraid. We took her home and it was dark and we had so many bushes in our backyard in Virigina that we had to look for her for quite a time. We found her and loved on her and got her settled in for the night. The next day was quite an awakening for us as she had pooped everywhere and torn up most anything we left with her. A lot of work went into that little girl. She passed away right after we moved to the farm in 2005 and had a good year here running and playing and having all the freedom she never had during her days at the pet store. After Abbey we got Bonnie who has become "The Dirty Dog" She's on the label of our "Dirty Dog Soap" and truely is our dirty dog. In the image she's chasing Red our male scottie down the hill. We also have another female named Boo who on this day Dec 22nd had a single male puppy named Bentley who will be going to a show home very soon. Pictures to follow and more Scottie information.


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