Peanut Eating Boer Goats Found @ Camlon Farm

That's right we now have two Boer goats here and they love peanuts, shell and all. Dusty is the one in the image with her lips purshed waiting for her favorite treat. Twister will be posted soon. We got the two Boer Goats from Stormy Slate in Idaho April 2013. They made the trip back from Idaho along with a gorgeous Lamancha doe kid named Dresden. It was quite a trip in a Toyota Prius for all 3 as they were in crates and had plenty of stops for streching legs and water. Diana said you get many funny looks from peole at rest stops when you pull a goat out of a crate instaed of a dog or cat. Made for an interesting trip. 17 hours of travel back home and they were all very happy to get out into a roomy pen. All 3 did great and Diana survived too. Later that year in November I also took the trip to Idaho to spend some time with Diana's family and learn some skills that are much needed on a goat farm. I spent a week and a half with the family and came home with a cooler full of goat meat and sausage that I helped process. You can ask me about it at the shows or markets if you're interested. If not well know that we use everything we get from our goats including the milk for cheese, milk, yogurt and whatever we can think of to do with milk like? Well of course make soap, lotion and body butter cream.


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