Shaving Sets, Shaving Soap & Beard Oil

New addition to our shaving line are handmade shaving sets.  Debra makes these and selects the best and most intersting materials to make them unique and personal.  These sets can be made to order out of requested materials and are fantastic gifts for the person in your life who is difficult to buy for.


Our Shaving Soap has taken off as a best seller in our product line.  Men love the moisturing effects and we are also getting multiple claims of disposable razor blades lasting longer.  We are not sure why however it may be the Kaolin Clay that we use.  We have two fragrances and men love them both.  If you want the man in your life to get a smooth shave and enjoy the process of whipping up a lather without the long list of ingredients in a can of shaving cream try our shaving soaps.  Women can use these too and they are starting to do so.  All it takes is a badger brush, coffee cup or small bowl to whip up a lather for your shaving needs.


We met a young man and his wife at a farmers market recently that had a very coarse beard as many beards are and he told us about an oil he was using to soften his beard.  We looked into making Beard Oil and found some oils that are moisturizing to hair and the best we found was Argan Oil.  Another interesting fact that we found about the original extraction method of obtaining the pits was collecting it from goat waste.  The goats climb in the tree to eat the fruit and thus the pits in waste.  Well that method is  not used for the Argan oil we use, but I'm sure it still is in Morroco where the tree grows.   Now the oils are press extracted like most other oils that are used for cosmetics and foods.