Australian Sandalwood Face & Body Soap

Australian Sandalwood Face & Body Soap


Sandalwood is the most alluring, sexy scent you will ever smell. This fragrance has a woody, lush and sensual smell and men love it. It also makes your bathroom smell very good before and after you bathe.


Info about Australian Sandalwood:

Australian Sandalwood represents an ecologically responsible alternative to traditional Indian Sandalwood. A report published in the Journal of Essential Oil Research stated: "analysis showed that Western Australian sandalwood is related to East Indian sandalwood in terms of constituents."

Australian Sandalwood, Santalum spicatum, is presently being produced in a sustainable, environmentally-responsible manner through ethically managed plantations. Western Australia is home to the world's largest sustainable Sandalwood reserve - 1.6 million kilometers, or roughly 3 times the size of France. Efforts are also underway to involve Aboriginal communities in equitable business partnerships that will provide income to these ancient indigenous residents as well as position them to accept greater responsibly over the environmental management of this valuable native resource. In addition, Australian Sandalwood harvests are subject to strict governmental regulation and oversight by the WA Department of Environment and Conservation.



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    Ingredients: Saponified olive, almond, coconut and palm oils (All Sustainable); fresh goat milk and Australian Sandalwood.