Dirty Dog Soap (bar shampoo for pets)


Your Dog Soaps are fantastic! That is what our customers tell us and having 3 Scottish Terriers that need to be bathed daily however I bathe them once a month, we love these shampoo bars too. It is simple to use and lasts a really long time, not to mention that it makes your dogs smell great. 6 oz bars can be cut in half to give you twice as much shampoo. Wet your pets coat and rub the bar with the length and direction of the coat. Trickle a small amount of water on the area you rubbed the shampoo on and then begin to lather. I will post a video as soon as we bathe the dogs again, so you can see exactly how it works.We make three shampoos and they are;  Dirty Dog Bug Off,  Dirty Dog Lavender and Dirty Dog Sensitive SkinTake a look at each bar to see which one you should use on your pet.  

These shampoos do not contain the chemical numbing agent used in some shampoos and soaps that allow it to get in the eyes.