About Us

How We Started
Diana and I started with goats back in 2005.  Diana and her family had Alpine dairy goats when she grew up, and since we have an acre of property and she loved drinking goat milk she wanted them again.  I found a local breeder who supplied us with our new freshened (pregnant) goat does (females).  Soon they had kids (baby goats) and the next thing you know we had so much milk and more goats that we had to find something to do with all this extra milk.  Diana decided soap would be a good use for the milk after attending a large goat conference and we started making soap in 2008.  We gave it to our friends and family and they loved it and told us we should sell it.  We started looking for places to sell our new face and body soap and found the farmers market in Riverside Certified Farmers Market they said yes.  We started there and that has grown to 3 markets a few stores and our online store.  Now in 2014 we have 12 LaMancha dairy goats and after kidding this season that could be 24 by the end of May.  We also have many new products from our original face and body soap, shampoo bars, face and body lotion, body butter cream and of course Dirty Dog Soap (shampoo bars for pets).  We will continue to add new products and hope everyone will visit us at markets and festivals to say hello and try some of wonderful products.  We look forward to meeting you!